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I'm a proud American patriot who was born in NYC and grew up in California. I was the first generation of my family not born in the land of Israel in 200 years. My father was a Full Colonel tank commander in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and my mother's parents were both Holocaust survivors. I volunteered to the IDF and trained in the elite Golani Brigade, and upon completing my training received a special letter of recommendation from the commander of Golani to be transferred to IDF Intelligence. Upon completing my service as a "role model soldier" and "example to others" on my formal discharge documents I returned home to the United States.

When I got home I immediately noticed that the internet is full of falsely advertised surplus junk gas masks and many other "new gas masks" with many false claims. Therefore, I felt it was my duty to provide my fellow Americans with a gas mask that I, as an elite trained warrior can proudly put my name on and vouch for and say that if you are in an extreme CBRN situation the DISKIN M-350 Gas Mask can save your life.

I, Ron Diskin, a proud American and professional warrior designed and vouch for the DISKIN M-350 Full Face Respirator 40mm Gas Mask.