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Why Gas Masks Are a Necessity for our Society

Why Gas Masks Are a Necessity for our Society

Why Gas Masks Are a Necessity for our Society

We live in very strange and unpredictable times. If you need proof, just look at the coronavirus pandemic we're currently experiencing. It swept across the world fast and continues to ravish every country on the face of the earth.

The explosive spread of COVID-19 lead to mass panic. Essential supplies like food and toilet paper flew off the shelves. Suddenly, items that weren't considered essential before were, like face and gas masks.

The reality is, gas masks are an absolute necessity in our society, and they were before coronavirus ever hit the masses. Here's why.

A Brief History of Gas Masks

The first gas masks were made in the late 1700s, and used exclusively by miners. These were very primitive, though. They were nowhere near as efficient as filtering out toxins as today's gas masks.

Gas masks were improved over the years and were first mass-produced for WWI. The masks were used to filter out poisonous gas, a common weapon on the battlefield. These gas masks frequently used wood charcoal for a filter, as it can absorb poison gas.

There were even gas masks for dogs in WWI!

The first truly modern gas mask, though, came around WWII. These were lighter, protected against more toxins, and fit more comfortably. They were made for the everyday purchase and use, not just for war or mining.

Gas Masks in Schools

Back in the 1930s, kids in the US were actually taught how to use gas masks. Some schools even forced kids to carry their gas masks on them at all times! There were frequent gas mask drills, meant to prepare the kids for a possible attack from foreign enemies.

Modern Gas Masks

The gas masks of 2020 are lighter, more affordable, and more effective than ever before. They provide greater visibility and come in different styles. You can get a gas mask for entire face coverage, or even ones that just cover your mouth and nose.

Some of the most popular gas and respirator masks are the 3m mask, the n100 mask, and the n95 mask. A military gas mask, or M-350, offers the most protection overall.

Gas masks, or variants of gas masks, are still used in plenty of professions today. Among those jobs are firefighters, police, dentists, and construction workers. Beyond that, you may see protestors donning gas masks for privacy and protection.

Modern gas masks protect you not only from toxic chemicals but from germs, too. They stop just about everything from getting to your face as long as the respirator isn't expired.

While the average person may not have an immediate need for a gas mask in their day-to-day life, it's still smart to have one. The fact of the matter is you never know when you're going to need a gas mask. Again, we live in an unpredictable world -- you never know what tomorrow brings.

Why Gas Masks Are a Necessity

There are a number of reasons you might need a gas mask immediately. Here are a few of the most pressing concerns.

A Chemical Weapons Attack

There's no way of knowing when a foreign power might make a move on your country. Whether it's Russia, North Korea, or the Middle East, these countries have stockpiles of deadly chemical weapons and nuclear arms. If a sudden attack were to happen, you wouldn't want to be caught without a gas mask.

This isn't a paranoid fear. Back in 2001, gas mask sales in the UK soared after threats of a chemical attack from the Middle East surfaced. Citizens scrambled from store to store trying to find gas masks, as they sold out across the country.

A Pandemic

Before COVID-19 took over, you might call this a paranoid concern. Now, we can see how likely a sudden pandemic is.

Gas masks are among the best devices for filtering germs. They protect the entire face, stopping germs from reaching your extremities. You can't even accidentally touch your face with a full gas mask, further protecting you.

Predictably, gas mask, and N95 respirator mask sales have soared with the coronavirus pandemic. Doctors are considering gas masks, and government representatives have taken to wearing them on the House floor. In March, Florida representative Matt Gaetz wore a full gas mask while voting on a coronavirus-related bill.

Many saw this as an unnecessary, fear-mongering move, but that's simply incorrect. Fearful times call for extreme measures. That means keeping yourself safe at any cost, and doing what makes you feel safe no matter what others might think.

An Uprising/Mass Protest

There's almost always a protest going on somewhere in the world. These protests show on a small scale what could happen during a full-scale anti-government uprising.

It only takes one terrible move for the people to rise up and use any means necessary to stop the government. This always involves retaliation from the government, meaning SWAT and police teams. SWAT and police teams come with an arsenal full of gas grenades and pepper spray.

Whether you're part of the uprising or an innocent bystander, you'll want a full ventilator mask if this ever happens. The streets will be covered in gas and chemicals that could damage your eyes or lungs. This would be the worst time to go out looking for a face mask, so it's better to be prepared.

An Apocalyptic Event

Whether it's a nuclear strike or a species-shaking disease, an apocalyptic event is possible. No matter how unlikely you think it is, it's better to be ready for it.

Apocalypses are completely unpredictable since we've never been through one before. The air may become toxic to breathe in the case of a nuclear attack. Even if it's not nuclear the air could become infected!

If the world comes to an end, the people with the gas masks are going to survive longer, plain and simple. Gas masks will become a coveted item, and they'll be in limited supply. On the list of supplies for an apocalypse, a gas mask should be number one.

Make Gas Masks a Necessity Again

Gas masks used to be a staple of every home. Now, the majority of people are without them.

If we learn one thing from the COVID-19 pandemic, let it be that want for safety is not paranoia. Being prepared for a catastrophe, no matter how unlikely, is not crazy. Every citizen should have a working gas mask, not just government workers and professionals.

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